Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Becca Outside || Fourteen Months

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Taking all those monthly photos was a bit tricky sometimes, especially once Rebecca could move. However, it was nice to have a regular place to update what Becca was up to each month! Here are a few updates about our girl.

She still very much loves to be outside, both at school and at home. If you ask her if she wants to ride in the wagon or the stroller, she'll walk to the door and start nodding like crazy. She also loves bubbles (bu-bu), and I think will grow to love her swing. It's still a very new experience! So thankful for a daddy that can climb trees and hang it up for her! Kip was cleared after surgery a couple weeks ago, and his body is very slowly adjusting to his old routines. He mended remarkably quickly!
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Rebecca seems to know what's going on all the time, and she will help move the laundry, close the pantry door, and put her toys away. She even tried to close the dishwasher the other day! She stands at her high chair when she wants to eat, and yells with excitement at the chair where she nurses after school, pounding on it with her little hand.

Almost all of her words involve ba- and da- sounds except for Mama and yes. This is convenient for Becca because it allows her to describe all her favorite things! Dog, daddy, ball, book, Brown Bear, Go Dog Go, Belle, baby, banana...they probably all sound the same to anybody else, but they clearly mean very different things to Becca! She said "wa-wa" the other day for water which was a new sound that she followed up Tuesday morning with WHOA. Every time she drops something off the changing table, she TRIES to say uh-oh, but it's mostly been a long uhhhhhhhhhh until recently. I think she's dropping stuff just to hear us say uh-oh so that she can try to perfect it too!
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She is unintentionally hilarious all the time, and I love sharing these funny toddler moments with Kip. Earlier this week Rebecca learned how to blow on her food if it's hot. But now she thinks she needs to blow on everything including her cottage cheese! Becca is generally very happy except if she's not getting exactly what she thinks she needs or wants. She gives the sweetest hugs, leaning her head against your shoulder and patting your back and wide open mouth kisses that are more like a good lick. Every day is different, and we're loving life with a toddler.

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