Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Becca at Home || Books & Blueberries

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Becca looooooovvveesss books. This is so fun to both of us! Kip usually does the bedtime books and last week when I was gone I think he read at last seven books. My heart swells every time she walks over with a book and plops in my lap. A book lover's dream. Rebecca is still really into the books that she can actively engage with by lifting flaps or by touching and feeling the page features. Current favorite books include Hello Zoo, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Jellycat books, and The Little Blue Truck. She's still better with board books because she wants to help turn the pages and paper is hard.

Kip finished her bookshelf for her bedroom last week, and it's so perfect with space for books and cubbies for toys. And surprisingly empty! Phew. I was worried we were running out of room for her growing books collection. We also keep books in the office, books in the living room, and books in the car. Rebecca's been reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear on repeat to and from school the past week or so, and she even was willing to read a couple of books part of the time during Easter church service.

For equally adorable photos of Kip and Becca reading on the couch, flip back to these from almost a year ago. Too cute!
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Becca looooooovvveesss blueberries. Fruit is always the first thing to go flying off her plate. She eats a breakfast snack with us in the morning before she goes to school, and she loves all the breakfast foods - morning glory cookies, toast, leftover waffles and pancakes, and fruit of course! Becca's eating this blueberry snack right before a bath, so I skipped the bib this time, but for the most part she's great about leaving bibs on. If it's time for a meal or she's hungry, Becca will go stand by her high chair. She knows what she wants and how to get it. Fourteen months is so fun!

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