Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rebecca Claire || One Year

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I'm a big fan of the TimeHop app. It's slow to load and the design is a little clunky, but I love to look back at one year ago (or further) and compare what we were doing! A year ago we were settling into life at home with a baby, beginning what would be an almost eight week struggle to get nursing figured out, and soaking up all the snuggles of a newborn. This year we've got a baby on the go! It's not fair to say time flies because we've all done lots of learning in the past year about eating and sleeping. But it is fun to think about all the ways Becca has grown up and changed. 

Rebecca went from standing up in the middle of the room to walking seemingly overnight. While she was cautious at first and only would do a couple steps, she's getting a little braver now and will string together eight to ten steps. It cracks us up because she doesn't travel very far with those little steps! Rebecca likes to take out all of her toys every day both from under the coffee table and in the office. Thankfully we don't have too many because she can make a mess very quickly. Her favorite toys include her tractors, stacking Fisher Price rings (we call them her donuts), and this adorable Hape snail. She just figured out how to get the pieces in the snail's back, and she wants someone to help her get the red one out so she can do it over and over again.

Aunt Lu gave her a ball pit for her birthday, so she's added two more b-words to her vocabulary. Belle, ball, and book all sound a lot alike, but I know what means what! Daycare now has an electronic recording system which means they send home a photo each day with Rebecca's update. A week ago they said that she was crawling over to our family photo on the wall and saying "Dadadada" and "Mmmmm." She's not great at mama, but I know she either wants me or milk when she makes her m sounds.
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While walking is a major accomplishment, the biggest development is that Rebecca now sleeps through the night. I haven't nursed her in the middle of the night in almost two weeks; if she does wake-up, Kip goes in, hands her the pacifier, she yells one time and rolls over and goes back to sleep. She doesn't wake-up every night, and it has worked every time he has had to go in. I assume much like sleeping through the night that she will decide she doesn't need this last check-in with Daddy either soon enough. Tuesday morning she gave me the sweetest hug and patted my shoulder as if to say, good job Mom, you made it TWELVE hours without me. Rebecca goes to sleep around 6:15 every night which seems early to pretty much everyone except us. We work really hard to get Kip and Becca out the door by 6:30 in the morning, so she needs her sleep to start as early as possible!

We head to the doctor on Thursday so we can get an update on her stats, however, we're pretty sure she is catching up with her mama's stats at twelve months. (Update: 23 lb 0.5 oz., 29.5 in). Rebecca is transitioning to size 18-24 month clothes and still wears size 4 diapers. Her new moccasins that she got for her birthday are 4s, but she has one pair of rubber soled Sperrys in 3 that work well for her walking. With her ten teeth (missing the top back molars), she eats two snacks and lunch at daycare, and she is slowly making a transition to cow's milk. So far Rebecca is unimpressed by the cow's milk. Hopefully this gradual transition will help her!

She's getting ready to move to the bigger kid room at school, and I'm the most nervous about it because I've loved her baby teachers. The move means exciting things like getting to go outside more and sleeping on a cot. They've been practicing with her sleeping on the cot in the baby room - it makes her look like a little toddler!

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