Thursday, February 16, 2017

Our Little Valentine

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Last year on Valentine's Day, Kip and I were waiting for Rebecca. We were pretty sure she wouldn't arrive until her scheduled induction date, so we went to dinner at Pig & Finch - their fried pickles are some of the best! This year is different, and we have the best little valentine! I snapped these pictures of her one day after school a couple of weeks ago so we could include them with her valentines.
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Valentine's Day fell on a school day and was a totally awesome regular old day. Rebecca slept through the night which is something she occasionally does now, wore a new red Stately Type t-shirt to school, and played with her friends. She's too young to exchange valentines or care about candy, but we did make a batch of jam to take her teachers and a few neighbors.
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I think Valentine's Day will always be a little bit tricky so close to Rebecca's birthday, but Kip grilled some great steaks at home, and we enjoyed a nice dinner after Rebecca went to bed. Super easy to have a date night at home when baby falls asleep by 6:15! I was also able to surprise him with some cinnamon rolls from McLain's to go with his coffee first thing in the morning.
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She really wanted my lens cap during all of these photos, so obviously I gave it to her. I'll have a much longer update about all the things Rebecca is up to soon as we get ready to celebrate her first birthday this week on the 17th!

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