Thursday, February 23, 2017

One and Walking.

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Last week Rebecca came home from school smelling a little stinky, so I changed her outfit into just a clean t-shirt. It's been so warm that it seemed appropriate for February! She's been wearing her Stately Type tees (size 2T) for months, and they get more like t-shirts and less like a dress all the time. I like them because they show off her sweet arms and legs.

While our dinner cooked in the oven, I convinced Becca to practice her walking in the kitchen. Kip predicted a couple of weeks ago that she would be walking by her first birthday, and he was totally right! She does a lot of cool stuff at daycare, but she waited to string some steps together when we were all together at home. Kip and I were delighted watching her figure out the first little baby steps.
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If she wants to get somewhere fast, Rebecca still chooses to drop to the floor and crawl. But if she wants to carry some toys somewhere, she might choose to walk! I think she's discovered that walking while holding a dolly, block, or even a lens cap is much easier. A sweet bonus to the walking is that it is so much easier to go outside. Rebecca can get around without tearing up her pants!

Her hair is a little crazy, but not thick enough for a barrette to stay in...yet! While so much more than when she was born, she's still got a ways to catch up with the bowl cut her mama rocked for several years.

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