Wednesday, August 24, 2016

On Being 33.

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The morning after we went to the Royals game, we went to breakfast at Room 39 with everyone before they traveled home. It was the FIRST time ALL summer that I woke Rebecca up to take her somewhere. Because she rarely slept during the day for naps, I never had to wake her up to go work out, go to Kindermusik, meet up with friends, run errands...nothing. But I did wake her up on my birthday for breakfast and dressed her in this adorable navy bubble. The bow is perfectly positioned to chew on when she feels like it.
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All the boys plus my dad and Tracy got some good Becca cuddles at breakfast. And the light outside of Room 39 is fantastic for photos. The photos I took at our 2015 mom and daughter book club there are some of my favorite.
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I would say that being 33 is no big deal. It's such an in-between age that sometimes I have to think twice to remember just how old I am. I feel old enough to be a mom, but I'm also old enough to have friends with very sick parents or kiddos. That makes me feel like a grown-up. One friend was just back in KC because her mama was really sick. And we are praying every day and rooting for Rachel and Braden because he's got a big fight ahead of him still. My husband turns 35 in October - this feels like a very big deal though I predict we celebrate it with little fanfare in typical Kip style. But as for 33, it's just in-between number that gives me a bit more credibility at work.
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And before you go, as they say, "let me take a selfie." Rebecca knows how too.


  1. I LOVE how Rebecca is looking right at the camera for the selfie!!


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