Sunday, July 3, 2016

Favorite Photos of Fred

 photo Blog_1338.jpg
Last Tuesday, Tracy's father Fred passed away after a battle with brain cancer. He was surrounded by his family his sweet wife of over 50 years, Bonnie. They are busy remembering Fred this holiday weekend in Indianapolis, and we are sad we couldn't be there too! Fred welcomed Lauren and me into the family and counted us as his own. Rebecca was the first great-grandchild, sweetly included in his obituary. He bought me books, danced at our wedding, and once drove from Indy to bring me a sewing machine (well, it was actually for Lauren's graduation!). I love the photos above because I can hear Fred's voice and laugh, and I have had the distinct feeling all week that Pop-Pop is looking out for his kids and grandkids from heaven. We were all lucky to be loved by Fred.

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