Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rebecca Claire || Four Months

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Rebecca's been a Lynch for four months! We think she is just delightful, and our whole family agrees. You should watch a crowd of Lynches or Luhrses when she is in the room. Everything else pretty much stops and everyone talks to the baby. She's a darling first grand kid, and everyone is quite smitten.

I took these photos of Rebecca wearing the same 3-6 month white onesie from Gap as in her three month photos, and it might make it until July as well. At her appointment on Monday, Rebecca weighed 14 lb. 13.5 oz. and was 24.5" long. After a big dip in her weight when she was sick, Becca is back up on her curve. The 6 month clothes from Carter's are about to officially be too small, and rompers with their extra wiggle room are definitely our summertime friend. I had purchased too many pairs of pants as it's warm enough for bare legs all the time now!
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Becca's got some new tricks including rolling over from her back to her front. She's done it exactly three times - once when no one was looking, once for me and once for Kip. She is highly social and loves to watch the kids when we go to Kindermusik at church and in childcare while I work out at Bar Method. Her little voice is the cutest, and she grunts, squawks, coos and smiles when you talk to her. No giggling really, but I'm pretty sure she thinks we're funny based on her responses (though not really in a lot of these photos!).
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Our biggest adventure lately with Rebecca is with sleep. She's giving us 12 hours at night pretty regularly with two quick feeds, as long as we're not traveling, and then she gets thrown off a bit. And she's gotten better at getting herself back asleep overnight. But in the napping department, she's giving me a run for our money. Every day is really different, and everything that works at night doesn't seem to work during the day. The pediatrician told me Monday that it could be a couple more months till we get it all worked out, and the consensus between my pediatrician, husband and besties is that I should stop reading about baby sleep because it hasn't helped yet! Bedtime has definitely improved, and I'm thankful for how she sleeps at night so here's hoping naps are next. (I wrote this post during the rarest of rare one hour naps so my luck is probably used up for the week. OR we've turned a corner!)

Becca got a couple new nicknames this month, and one appears to be catching. I like to say "Becca, Becca, Becca bear!" and I heard Kip saying it last night too! Aunt Lu called her Bex once or twice on our trip to Indy, and I still love that cute nickname from The Royal We. Kip and I both still call her "nugget," and it's still an even split between Rebecca and Becca. Using both names may be pretty common until she's old enough to declare a preference of her own.

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  1. I LOVE the name Becca Bear. Cutest ever.

    About napping, Everett wasn't a great napper as a baby either. He slept wonderfully at night. We went down to one nap for him kinda early at about 8 months and that really helped him take a better nap. Not suggesting Becca should go to one nap, but do know it'll probably get better when she gets older. Moral of the story, if she is sleeping well at night don't worry to much about the naps.


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