Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Rhyme Bible

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When we got home from our first weekend trip to Manhattan, we spent the rest of our day relaxing and getting ready for the last week of school. At bedtime, a clean, post bath Becca settled in to read with her dad. Kip's new favorite book is The Rhyme Bible, something we learned about at a parenting class at our church. It is awesome; the rhymes make the simplified Bible stories so catchy, and we both get a kick out of how they make it all flow. It's a collection of thirty-five Bible stories told in verse.

I reached for my camera to take a couple photos because they were so sweet together. After the first couple, Kip said, oh wait, I am wearing my gross old hat! He put on his KSU one instead, but these are the ones that won in the end. Rebecca's facial expression made us laugh so hard. It's like the story went from believable to unbelievable in a matter of seconds. But hey, at least she was sort of into it.


  1. These photos are everything. I cannot get over EITHER of her faces.

  2. Those pictures are adorable--she looks really captivated by that book. Which I'm going to have to check out... some of Jona's favorite books are Bible story books. He loves David and Goliath. :)


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