Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Becca's Mat

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These photos are from about ten days ago before the second round of viruses hit our house and knocked us all out. Sweet Rebecca is doing much better, and her mom and dad are trying to catch up with her recovery too! If only we could sleep as much as she gets to during the day, we'd probably be better as well. It's the worst watching your baby cough and be kind of uncomfortable, so we're happy to report she seems much more herself and is getting her appetite back!
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Kip and I sort of took a "wait and see" approach with baby gear, choosing not to buy lots of things before she was born to see what we would actually need or use in our moderately sized house. We've made a few purchases, plan to borrow a couple things, and Rebecca is a big fan of her new play mat from our sweet neighbor, Kathleen, across the street. The play mat was a gift we didn't expect, and we've been grateful for it! At first, Rebecca just looked around while she was on it, but a few weeks ago she noticed that the mirror had an interesting face in it. She's getting closer to grabbing the items that hang perfectly within reach and at the very least seems to be interested in knocking them around.
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Becca will play for a while by herself or longer with one of us sitting with her and talking to her. This particular late afternoon she was waiting for Daddy to get done mowing the lawn and catching up with her friends on the mat after a busy day of school. Her sweet dark hair is coming in to match her dark eyes, and I love her little button nose. Nothing special to report in this post; just wanted to include a few photos from an average afternoon and report that Rebecca is on the mend!


  1. someone looks like her mommy in the last picture!

  2. She is a beautiful baby! Sorry you have all been sick. That is the pits.


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