Friday, May 13, 2016

Back to Market

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It's always nice when April rolls around and the farmer's market near our house is open again! Kip works some Saturdays throughout the warmer months, so a couple of weeks ago Rebecca and I set out for her first trip to the Overland Park Farmer's Market with Aunt Lu. Mom was traveling or she would have probably been there too! Lauren snapped this photo of us at the west end of the market pretty much right in the spot last summer I told my mom that we were having a baby. She was so excited and then she bought me a delicious scone from Clock Tower Bakery - lemon ginger were my favorite during that first trimester!
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As with most of Rebecca's first adventures, she slept through the whole thing. Wearing her worked great because my hands were free to fill my bags and pay the vendors, but it will get a bit trickier (and heavier) as the summer goes on. Becca will be bigger and the produce will too - carrying a melon or sweet corn is certainly not as light as the mixed greens I picked up from Green Thumbs Up. They are so fresh that the guy practically laughed at us when we asked if they would be good six days later - they are good for a very long time! But I'm definitely already in need of another box.
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And thanks to the unseasonably warm weather this early spring, it's already strawberry season. These beautiful strawberries will set you back $7 a box when you buy the ones they bring to market, so we highly recommend the trip to Gieringers to pick the berries yourself. Even though he felt terrible, Kip went last Saturday by himself to bring us about eleven pounds, and we plan to try to squeeze in one more trip. As he always points out, in comparison to supermarket strawberries, these are red all the way through with no weird white spots. They are so naturally sweet that there's never a need to sprinkle them with sugar, and their season is always too short for me.

The market had many vendors with spring vegetables including asparagus, tons of herbs, and flowers you can enjoy. We also made stops at Penzeys and the Tasteful Olive, and I feel really set for some healthy eating. You'll find us at the market most Saturdays we're in town, and I wouldn't be surprised if Rebecca and I go some Wednesdays too. It's just so easy to get so much goodness in one spot, and we always see people we know!

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