Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Rebecca Claire || Two Months

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Rebecca is two months old, and she has the shots to prove it! Two months is the first time babies get a bunch of vaccines, and the good news is that only Becca cried while Kip held her. I was definitely feeling pretty sorry for her though! Her official weight at her check-up was 11 lb 14.5 oz (78 percentile), and she is 23 inches long (75 percentile). We have decided she has a Lynch head more than a Luhrs head - Kip has a hard time getting hats to fit his small noggin, and Becca's head is a perfect round little 15 inches. She is still wearing mostly 0-3 month clothes, though her legs are getting long in her footed pajamas. In the photos above, Becca is wearing the same size onesie as at one month. We will see if it makes it to three months!

In the past five days or so, conversations with Rebecca have really taken off. She's added some sweet coos and sounds to repertoire, and she is giving out smiles more freely. But if I laugh or giggle at her smile, it still sometimes startles her smile away! Rebecca is generally happy, a good eater and goes to bed between 9:15 and 10. We are making it work for now but always trying to nudge it earlier. Becca sleeps between four and five hours usually in the first stretch, and she is currently only getting up once a night because our days start so early. It's fair to say usually because last night she must have read the draft of the post and wanted to keep us on our toes by waking up four or five times.

While we both read to her, I think Kip reading her stories is my favorite. She gets sweet and quiet, watching him with her deep dark eyes. Rebecca doesn't have any favorite stories yet, but Kip has a few he isn't fond of after reading them several times! She seems to notice the mirror on her play mat, and Rebecca turns her head listening for us if she can't see us but hears us. It appears we have a mutual adoration thing going on, which is great. We love Rebecca Claire.

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  1. Yeah!!!! Two months. She is SO cute. Archer Man only wants mom to read books. I think I got tricked.


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