Monday, April 4, 2016

Rebecca Claire || One Month

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My maternity leave with Rebecca has gone really quickly, and I regularly say that she is SUCH a good baby. I took these photos right when she was one month old, but I'm a little bit late posting about Rebecca at one month. At her one month appointment, Rebecca weighed 9 lb. 14.5 oz. (65th percentile) and was 21.5" long (60th percentile). This seemed just about right to us!

We learned a lot about breastfeeding and growing babies in the first month and celebrated all her little gained ounces and then pounds. In fact, six and a half weeks later, we're still learning and feel like rookies some days! Rebecca started taking a bottle at about three weeks old so that Kip and I could attend a wedding, and she continues to do that without any complaints. Rebecca and I didn't get out much in the first month, but we attended a breastfeeding support group each week and loved meeting other moms.

I reread through a couple of emails I sent right around March 17th to see what she was doing because she changes so quickly. Rebecca sleeps in a bassinet in our room, and at one month was sleeping about like you would expect with some good nights and some rough ones! Sometimes I would get a three hour stretch after bedtime and sometimes she would have a really hard time going to sleep, holding everyone hostage. But she was adorable and never mad, just stubborn, so we made it work. My friend Kate wisely told me to just keep going back to bed, so we would keep snoozing until we had to get up or felt a little bit more rested!

At one month, Rebecca was giving a few smiles, kicking her legs and definitely stealing everybody's hearts. Her eyes are as dark as her dad's and in some lights her hair looks almost red. Kip calls her sweetie, and we both were already calling her "nugget" at one month probably because of the adorable way she liked to curl up on my shoulder or in the Solly wrap. Such a good baby!

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