Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Three Books of November.

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I finished three books in November. Finished is the significant verb because two of them I started way before and read in parts.

A Man Called Ove was the November book club pick. I missed the discussion for Thanksgiving break, but Tara said that in general our book club felt like Ove wasn't the most likable of characters. Maybe so, but if you liked Pixar's UP and have a soft spot for love stories along those lines, it's a good read. I like a good curmudgeon. I cried multiple times because of how much he loved his wife (and also because his wife was a teacher). It has some funny characters that dart in and out of the story, but it held me the whole way through. Highly recommend.

Carry On I purchased impulsively the day it came out because I loved Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl so much. This is the extended story of Simon and Baz that pops in and out of the fan fiction parts of Fangirl. After 500+ pages, it's safe for me to tell you that this is not a must read for anyone who loved Fangirl. I liked that it is probably a more accurate description of how Potter-esque magicians would have really acted as teenagers, but it's far too long. I started it, stopped it for A Man Called Ove, and returned to it to finish it. She got a little carried away with this one. (See what I did there? Carry? Carried on?)

Jefferson's Sons is written for students in fourth - eighth grade with an accessible, easy to read format. It is often heartbreaking as the author's historical research led her to write a probably pretty accurate of Jefferson's children with his slave Sally Hemmings. My mom has also read it, and I know it definitely impacted both of us as we reflected on our visit to Monticello back during my VA days. My book friend Amy at my previous school recommended it to me, and it didn't disappoint. (I started it as an audiobook back in July/August, but with my shorter commuter I found it easier to finish in the paperback version).

This brings my total book count to 62 for the year. Even though now we're feeling the crunch getting ready for Christmas and baby, and I'm getting really tired even earlier, it's been a pretty great year for books.

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  1. Our January book is A Man Called Ove. Glad you liked it.


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