Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Cold Game in November

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The K-State and Iowa State game on November 21st was super cold. We've done cold games before, but then from season to season we forget the true brutality of the wind coming in from the north. It was an eleven o'clock kickoff, so we piled on all of our layers in the car and headed west about 7:15 am. Lauren suggested a stop at John's Space Age Donuts in downtown Overland Park. Neither Lauren or Mom had ever been to this classic gem! It opened in 1967, and we're fairly certain not much has changed since it opened. It feels like you are stepping into the past. After we loaded a box of donuts into the car, we continued on towards Manhattan. I brought along the tripod for the camera, and I was poised and ready to take this family photo for the Christmas card right when we arrived. There were hardly any cars in the parking lot yet! Then we started to add all our extra layers of coats and gloves.

November 21st was a day where we were extra glad to tailgate with the Nortons and the RV. Everyone piled inside for breakfast casserole, awesome breads and rolls from Radina's, and fruit. Every time the door to the RV opened, another tailgate friend would walk in, pulling off gloves and extra layers, and we practically cheered! Hurray! You made it through the cold! Warm-up before the game begins!

The match-up was about how we predicted it would be based on K-State's season so far. At halftime, the Wildcats were down 21 points. We sat in the car just to enjoy the heat for a bit before braving another half. I grabbed a warmer hat and tightened the hood on the ridiculous old ski coat my mom kept around that could zip over my belly. I looked so absurd that a sorority sister saw me in the stadium and didn't recognize me.

K-State kept getting it closer and closer in the second half, so we stayed. Truth to be told, we didn't make it all the way to the end of the game. With about five minutes left in the game, my face was too frozen. Kip and I walked slowly to the car to meet Mom and Lauren. But as we turned on the car to warm up, we heard Wyatt getting really excited on the radio, and the stadium cheering. We rushed to a tailgate near our car where they had the game on TV. Iowa State blew their lead by fumbling twice in the final 85 seconds of the game, and K-State managed to score off both turnovers. A crazy Wildcat win that we celebrated at the stadium, just not IN the stadium!

It is sure to be remembered as one of the most classic of Farmageddon match-ups. We'll also remember it as the day Jon drove home to Kansas City to spend a surprisingly long night with Erica as they prepared for the early arrival of their second daughter, Olivia. And it was the final time that the Luhrs Ladies and Kip will pack-up for Manhattan without a baby girl. Lauren has a Christmas party this weekend, and Kip will be hunting, so Mom and I are gearing up for one more trip with a much warmer forecast.

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