Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sunday Afternoon.

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Over spring break I worked on our Blurb book from 2014. It shipped today, and I can't wait to get my hands on the book full of stories from last year including our engagement and wedding! It also inspired me to take some photos of things around the house to remember the projects and going-ons in the Lynch household.

So here are two pictures of Kip working in the yard. He was tearing out the old garden border to replace it with a sturdier and fresher new one. These photos were taken before he got really frustrated and used a sawzall (it cuts everything!) to cut some stubborn rebar. Apparently the last time he built the garden border he did too good of a job securing it into the yard. He's laughing at me because he was being a pill and trying to avoid the camera. I still got him, mid laugh, perfectly.

And a note about his wedding band shining there on his left hand - it's cobalt from a local jeweler but looks like white gold. After four months of marriage, it still looks good as new, and Kip works every day with his hands and rarely wears gloves. Heaven forbid anything every happen to his hands, but in an accident the cobalt ring would crush and not have to be cut off. I think it's marvelous that he's married to me so I'm a big fan of his wedding ring.
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Kip was outside so I tried really hard to take a picture of myself while I worked in the kitchen. It's actually really hard to do with the 28mm lens, but now I'm documented too. The one on the left was taken with the timer button while the camera rested in the freezer. I'm a problem solver, what can I say?
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Here's the magnolia in the backyard, just starting to bloom. I made Kip take my picture next to it so we could document how tall it was in 2015. I'm excited to get to see it continue to grow. We have huge beautiful magnolias on our street, and their big white or pink blooms are one of the best things about spring sneaking in. The other photo shows the broken edges of the garden. Kip tore out all of the old pieces of lumber and replaced them with new ones, some from the garage and some from the neighborhood Home Depot. 
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Here's the whole garden plot again before Kip tore out the old beams. Kip has grand plans to build an enclosure for tomatoes to squirrel proof them. Even with Belle the vigilante, we think the squirrels would probably rob us blind. My grand plans are to fill every possible remaining inch with herbs, peppers, and squash. Kip's motivation to make the garden usable has two origins: he does really like to make me happy, and he saw how much we spent weekly at the farmer's market last year.
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If you asked us if you could borrow a tool, I would honestly have no idea what we could loan you. Sometimes I walk into a garage and think, "Oh, we have one of those!" And mostly I have no idea what they do. I caught Kip sharpening the lawn mower blade on Sunday. I didn't even know that was possible. Kip used this drill to make the holes in the beams for the new rebar.
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While Kip was in the garden, I made bread. Two loaves of this bread suit us well because I'll put one in the freezer to wait for future peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We are out of strawberry jam from last summer's batches so Kip is resigned to blackberry. I love the blackberry, but I also love creamy peanut butter. Kip's team crunchy and team strawberry. Pick your allegiances, people.
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Later I ran to Trader Joe's for flowers for book club, hoping that anything I purchased would be open and ready for book club a couple days later. We watched our brackets fall apart and Wichita State beat KU, and ate dinner together at the table. Lunches packed, the reality hit that spring break was over, but it was a good one, quiet and busy around the house.

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  1. Camera in the freezer. Good one. Love the pic of the drill and flowers! And Kip laughing.


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