Monday, February 23, 2015

My Valentine.

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Rachel and I were talking about our unintentional transition to slower blogging last week. Maybe one post a week, maybe one post every other's not that much. We both love instagram because it's faster, immediate and unlike blogging, you get feedback and can interact with the audience. But at the same time, we're both hard at work on our 2014 Blurb books. Compiling all the posts and pages reminds us that we actually both still love to blog. Nothing keeps up with life quite like it or captures the words that need to go with the photos. Her son Braden calls the Blurb books "the growing up books" which is pretty true for me too. I think I've grown up quite a bit over the last six years!

Sometimes we blog less because we don't have any photos, or they are poor quality iPhone pics, or they didn't come out quite right. That's kind of how I feel about these photos of Kip that I took on the DSLR. They were way too back lit and grainy, and Kip was trying to avoid the camera and a photo shoot. But these are the every day good stuff, really. Coffee and brunch with this guy.

We got kind of tricked for Valentine's Day and to avoid a pre-fixe meal that didn't match our needs or tastes moved our dinner reservation to brunch. Instead we cooked steaks and fancy potatoes with our favorite chocolate hot pots on Saturday night, and on Sunday after church we went to Gram & Dunn. It was an even sweeter treat because Lauren gave us a gift card for Christmas! It was one of those cold snow-less days that keep reappearing this winter, and we hurried in to order more coffee. They were generous with the refills which was nice because we were too close to the door and the kitchen was slow. All the food was delicious, and we left stuffed and over caffeinated.

Kip is exceptionally good to me. He laughs with me, does the dishes and shares the quilt on the couch. He doesn't question why the final season of Parks & Rec makes me cry as much as it makes me laugh (long live Leslie Knope), and he welcomes everyone that comes through our front door. He is my very favorite, every day and Valentine's Day.


  1. I have been pondering this lately -- because I want to have a record of my life, be it a blog or hand written accounts. I was prompted by this blog post to not give up even though I get busy. I have SO MANY notes written about Archer that I just need to type out.

    1. That's good stuff. Write it down. I'm also thinking about the correlation between reading and writing and how much I love large quantities.

    2. Tara--sometimes I send emails to accounts I set up for the boys as a type of journal... stuff I don't want to put on the blog, but I want to make sure to tell them some day.


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