Friday, June 20, 2014

Rachel's Three Boys.

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Rachel left yesterday afternoon after a great four days of wedding related events and planning. Dress, paper shopping, flowers, and her first visit to an Oklahoma Joe's. I think the clouds parted and the angels sang when I found "the dress," and when she took a bit of her first Z-Man. I've got the best friends I tell ya, and it's fun to plan the various parts of the wedding where it's their specialty. Tara loves to talk paper. Erica is eager to help with the registry. Rachel calls herself "wedding experience coordinator." Operation plan this wedding by July 15th is going really well!

Before she left, Rachel snapped this photo of me and baby boy Keaton in a really sweet tank onesie. He'll be one next month, and that made me think I probably had pictures with each of her boys at about this age! Sure enough, I did. I lived with the Scotts in 2010 when Finley was a babe. Finn is in the top left hand corner, and this is is actually just after his first birthday on our trip to Pittsburgh for the marathon. Below that, Braden and I are pictured eating at Ted's Diner in Washington, D.C. on St. Patrick's Day. Braden and Keaton are almost exactly the same age in these photos. Babies are a delight, and it was so fun having the third little Scott as my house guest. We got along fine unless his mama left him and then he regretted my existence. #threescottboys


  1. I LOVE THIS!!! All of it. I love that you found such perfect pictures. I loved planning with you. I love being WEC.

    1. I think you secretly sent Keaton to Smile+Look at the Camera boot camp. He's a pro!

  2. 1. When I first saw this, I freaked because I thought you chopped your hair. DO NOT CUT THE BRIDE HAIR, please.

    2. Rach had never had Oklahoma Joe's? I don't understand.

    3. The dress! The dress! I want to know more!

  3. I'm also surprised Rach had never been to Oklahoma Joes! Glad you found a dress!

  4. I had to read on, because I thought OMG Vic cut her hair! Then, the story unfolded! LOL I am sure you enjoyed having Keaton around and oh yeah Rachel. Sounds like a world wind 4 days of planning.


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