Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Manifesto 2014.

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Happy last day of school! Last night we kicked off the summer season in KC with Clips of Faith down near the Plaza. (Last year, here!) This year, I have a slightly shorter summer - five weeks instead of six - but I still wanted to craft a manifesto to have as much fun as possible between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Because really, that's summer. It was so fun last year to work on the list, and I am excited to start tackling this one as well.
  • Eat cheese slippers at Fervere.
  • Walk to Baskin Robbins. 
  • Eat at Foo's. Kip's never been, and it's so close to his house!
  • Eat lunch downtown.
  • Trip to Indianapolis to see Gabby graduate!
  • Take treats to Kip while he is working.
  • Read for fun.
  • Celebrate my uncle's birthday with Mexican food at the Buffalo Roam.
  • Have lunch with my sister on her lunch break.
  • Take one online grad school class about the best new books in young adult literature. 
  • Strawberries/blackberries/blueberries/tomatoes/peaches
  • Beat Kip at Putt Putt. Or at least PLAY mini golf with Kip.
  • Make a cocktail at home. Thinking that this one might be calling my name this weekend. Back-up plan: Paloma's
PS. I had about twelve more things on the list and cut it back after I read this post. Some of the stuff I cut was obvious - eat local veggies and grill out. Some of it might still happen, and that's a-ok too. 2013 had 20 items, so I cut back in general. And the other class I planned to take this summer was abruptly canceled, and I took that as a sign to just do less.


  1. I will audit that class through you.
    Sounds like a fun summer!

  2. I am going to add: take Rachel to try KC BBQ.

  3. Great addition, Rachel. How many places would you like to try - 5 or 6?

  4. Replies
    1. I mean, that's probably on your list that wasn't your manifesto.

  5. I just realized I haven't blogged in a long time--but it's been a week longer for you. Whew. Also, good thing all your tweets are about beer.


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