Monday, April 28, 2014

Belle, April 2014.

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This sweet puppy is snoozing at my feet. I've been sitting at my computer for the greater part of two days working on a graduate project I'm all too eager to drop in the mail. And both days it rained. Belle's not really bothered by the rain; it's not until the thunder and lightning sound like they are in our backyard that she retreats inside. She's not really bothered by much beyond my departure. That makes her pretty upset. Other than that she's just enthusiastic. She gets excited when Lauren, Mom or Kip come over, spins 360s in the living room if anyone reaches for tennis shoes, and can hear the peanut butter lid rattle onto the counter from a mile away. Basically, Belle enjoys being almost seven. She watches the squirrels outside for hours at a time, scratching the door occasionally to come in and confirm that yes, I am still here, and no, it is not time for dinner yet. She treats every walk through our neighborhood like it is the best.walk.ever. The squirrels! The sidewalk! The grass! She spins 360s at the end of the leash Kip crafted for her every time we walk. The increasing gray around her eyes belies her puppy heart. She's a happy dog, content, and very much full of life. I would be a better human to rise on Monday with even half the enthusiasm that Belle uses to greet each day. You're a good girl, Belle.


  1. Braden's comments: "It's a PUPPPPYYYYYYYY! That's Tori. Tori LIKES to go in the water."

    Finley's comments: "Is that Barbara's dog?"

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