Monday, March 3, 2014

Where We Walked and Where We Stayed in NOLA.

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Staying in the French Quarter in New Orleans meant we were getting ready to walk...a lot. NOLA doesn't have a traditional public transportation system that you use as a tourist unless you want to take a streetcar to other parts of town. We took taxis when we arrived Saturday and when we left Tuesday, and other than two streetcar rides, we ONLY walked for four days. With temperatures in the 70s, it was tough to complain about being outside to enjoy the temperatures.
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We stayed at Lafitte Guest House on the calm end of Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. The first night the house was full, and our partying neighbors woke us up in the middle of the night. But the next two nights we had the whole third floor to ourselves, and we loved our overall stay. It was quiet and peaceful, and we could watch the Olympics at the end of the day. Sleeping was one of our favorite parts of the trip probably.
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We actually did TWO walking tours while we were there (and on the same day, boy were we tired at the end!). The Saint Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter is too pretty to not take a million pictures of it. The center photo was taken on Saturday which was the coldest day of our visit.
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Jennie and I were obsessed with all the colors of private homes in the French Quarter. A purple house? Yes, please!
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We walked through and by the French Market several times. I loved this statue of Joan of Arc - or as one tour guide called it "Joanie on a Pony." HA.
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Jennie took this photo overlooking the Mississippi River during our walking tour of the French Quarter. Our second tour was "Scandals" themed.
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Jennie's married name on a street sign and our favorite horse (or is he a mule?) drawn tours. $90 for a 1/2 hour wasn't cost effective for the two of us, so we tried to listen to the tour guides whenever they drove by.
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On Monday we took the streetcar to the Garden District. After some shopping (and snacking) on Magazine Street, I found a self-guided tour on my iPhone, and we started to really explore the BEAUTIFUL homes. The Garden District was the American "answer" to the French Quarter. Above left is the house where the Manning boys grew up. Duh, I love me some Peyton Manning. Jennie is standing in front of the Opera Guild House. We almost took the official tour, but we were tired.
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Above left is the home where Jefferson Davis died and in the bottom right hand corner, Sandra Bullock's home! It's also significant because it was designed with a staggered front to maximize the amount of sunlight each day.
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On Monday alone I figured that we walked about seven miles total. Hard to believe it was only two weeks ago, and I'm home today with another snow day (number six of the year). Though I have been telling everyone who will listen, I'm having a much easier time with winter dragging on because I got a sunshine-y reset in New Orleans. Seventy degrees and walking outside with your pal will do amazing things for your soul.


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