Thursday, March 13, 2014

In the Mail.

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It's no secret that I love to send and receive mail. Monday was a really great mail day with a really sweet thank you note, two party invitations, and an envelope full of clippings from my grandma.

I took a photo of all the awesomeness to share with you because I love this kind of mail. I also love that the things she sent were for me and Kip. I didn't look through all the pieces until Kip came over for dinner, and we played the "guess who it is for" game as we looked through the articles and read each one. Here's the thing - Kip and I also receive piles of clippings from my mother on a regular basis. It's genetic! They both are avid, lifelong readers, and they tend to curate magazines and newspapers. For years Mom and Grandma have been finding stuff that they think I will enjoy reading. It's super sweet of both of them to include Kip now too. We always enjoy looking through the papers together. We like guessing who it's for or sharing it together if it is for both of us.

Monday's post included an article about the Downton Abbey costumes at Winterthur (we're going Sunday!), new brew pubs in Salina (I want to go!), trees (Kip, duh!) and Kansas history. Friends, it's the little things in life that are sweet, and finishing up a long day with a small class of wine and light after dinner reading was just perfect.


  1. I love newspaper clippings from Grandma! This post made me smile this morning.

  2. When you bring Belle to my house for her SO JO CO vacation, there is a recipe on the counter, with Finley's transformers.


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