Friday, March 14, 2014

He Said, She Said: Washi Tape.

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Last week while we were sitting on the couch watching Hollywood Game Night (don't judge - there wasn't any basketball on, and I don't have cable), I was browsing for storage solutions for my growing collection of washi tape. For months, I'd been eying these over at All Ready Memories, and she had a coupon code good through the weekend. I showed it to Kip to see what he thought.

Kip: I mean, it looks nice. I have no idea what you need. But how much washi tape do you have?
Vic (beyond pleased he is referring to washi tape by it's correct name): I don't know. It's just such a mess the way I have it stored right now. I'll go look in my office.
Kip: I feel like if your answer is anything over 10, it's excessive.
Vic (from the office): 13! Clearly, I need this storage box.
Kip: Whatever.
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So I ordered it and it came on Thursday. I pretty much am obsessed. I told Kip it was the most awesome addition to my desk EVER and that it was just barely over half full. And because he knows me well, he said, "So I guess you need to go on a washi tape shopping spree now." I am pretty sure that means he thinks it's a good idea to buy about 11 more rolls of washi tape.


  1. 1. You should watch Let's Ask America instead. It's much better and I secretly want to be on it.
    2. I know of this tape you speak of, but I had no idea it was called washi tape. It reminds me of wasabi...

  2. Storage items are repurposed through the years, i.e. stamp drawers now hold cookie cutters, so be thinking about what else you could put in this little box.

  3. Don't apologize for Hollywood Game Night. I love it. Is it only because I also don't have cable? I am waiting for an excuse to buy the at home game.
    Also that box is totally worth it. It will keep your washi all neat. I suspect Kip could have made you a custom Washi box though. But then there'd be no spree!

  4. that washi tape organizer is amazing!! I have mine stashed in a bowl, but this is next level!

  5. I think Barbara hit the nail on the head...


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