Monday, March 31, 2014

Easter Cookies, Pre-Order Now.

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Happy Monday! We had a lovely weekend over here with good food, some fun friends and a trip to the big Hy-Vee at 95th and Antioch. Yes my friends, that grocery store is totally "weekend highlight" worthy.

Just "hopping" this morning by to let you know that if you want to pre-order any Easter cookies, now is your chance. I'll have assorted "peeps" cookies and the cuddly white bunnies on the right available this year. I could easily be convinced to throw in an Easter egg if that's what you really need. $15 for 6 cookies, $30 for 1 dozen.

E-mail me at vluhrs @ to claim yours or leave your email in the comments, and I'll get in touch with you. Kansas City area only this time, no shipping available.


  1. The peeps cookies reminded me of a commercial I watched this weekend of a boy talking about all the things you could do with peeps a la the scenes in Forrest Gump when Bubba is telling Forrest all about shrimp.

  2. Glad that the peeps will be at our Easter dinner.

  3. I dislike the geographic discrimination. Your international friends need Easter joy, too.


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