Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Weekend Trip to Jewell County.

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Oh, hey there! I've been meaning to blog but have spent the last couple of snow days doing as little as possible. Today is our third snow day - which is kind of nuts because we have conferences and the buses didn't even have to get out and about - so I have some time to blog again.

Last Friday afternoon, Mom, Kip and I drove out to Jewell County to visit my grandparents, aunt and uncle. It was Kip's first trip, and we really had the very best time. Saturday morning we ate breakfast with my aunt and uncle in Mankato before heading out to the farm for lunch and exploring. Kip has a heart for the country, and I know he loved learning about the family farm. Uncle Keith is a great tour guide, and we drove around to learn about different parts of the farm and see the spots where people hunt close by. They talked a lot, obviously, about trees. Kip's an arborist, and we had lots of conversations about trees native to Jewell County and not.

My mom took this photo of us in front of the farm house and I'm obsessed. She's a great photographer - look at the perfect focus and the frame of trees, the house and barn and a really funny Power Cat post rock. It was sunny but cold, so we didn't spend a ton of time outside exploring.
 photo Blog_0440_zps2ad2d1f6.jpgMy grandpa's birthday is in late January. I love that we were able to celebrate the start of his 85th year over the weekend. And Bethany and Keith have a new long hair Dachshund that they adopted from a pet rescue in Nebraska. Weston arrived less than two weeks ago, and he's starting to warm up to his new life in Mankato. He's very sweet.
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Saturday night we went to dinner at the Buffalo Roam. It was the first Saturday of the month which meant that it was the special seafood buffet. You should have seen the crowds! We beat the rush and enjoyed a great selection of food together, and then Kip & I noticed the beer prices. The small size pour of Bud Light was only $1 and the big beers were just $2. This whole round of beer cost us only $10! We're celebrating Grandpa's birthday but also life.

Kip and I managed to put a little more food in our bellies after dinner as we stopped at the Sweden Creme for ice cream on our way home. That boy doesn't say no to ice cream. We had a really good weekend with my family, laughed a ton, and enjoyed this part of my family history. Kip went back to work today after two snow days and has already called  about a new leash he is making for Belle. He thinks he can make one from climbing rope that Belle won't chew through. I am thankful for his thoughtfulness and all the places we go.


  1. When is the 20 questions with Kip post? I'll start. Professional or amateur arborist? Favorite tree? How did you meet? What else can he make from rope?

  2. Love this. :) Love that you're so happy!

  3. I have been taking photos of you for 30+ years so practice makes perfect!

  4. Oh haaaaaaaaaay blog.

    I also want 20 questions with Kip. Why doesn't he like the Olympics? Why doesn't he like TV? Why can't I be the boss of him?

  5. I love this- so glad you had a good visit last weekend. You guys look so happy together! I've never found the humour in that post rock though...hmm..;) Enjoy your snow day!!

  6. These are good questions. Keep them coming. Kip's answer for Ginny are less sassy than the ones for Rach which deserve some sassy responses.

  7. In that case:
    How tall is he?
    What would he eat if he knew it was his last meal?
    Who would play him in a movie?
    What magazines/papers does he subscribe to?
    Favorite Taylor Swift song?
    Beverage of choice (other than $1 domestic pours)?


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