Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentine's Day Cookies.

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In December, I pretty much took the cookie baking to a crazy new level with the over 30 dozen cookies I made for various Christmas projects. I'm planning ahead for Valentine's Day and wanted to offer some delicious baked goods to you!

Last weekend I made a sample set of Valentine Cookies so that people could place orders in advance, and I could estimate how many cookies to have ready for Valentine's Day. You can see your options and even specify what kind of cookies you would prefer from the options below.
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Cookie orders can be made via this link or by emailing me VLUHRS @ gmail.com. I'll send you a paypal invoice so you can checkout and await your sweets. I do mail - it's not super cheap thanks to all the weight extra protection adds - but it's totally possible. I mailed donuts to Oregon last week! I'll be taking Valentine's Day cookie orders through February 5th, so order away.

Thanks for supporting this crazy cookie baking venture. I love sharing them with friends and family because I know they taste so good too!

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