Monday, January 13, 2014

Dinner at Los Tules.

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About a year ago, my friends started telling me about Los Tules. It's down on Broadway, and while it's not on Southwest Boulevard, it's so very similar to the classic Mexican restaurants that make Kansas City really awesome. I've been a few times, and I have one group of friends that really love it. It's a regular choice for birthday celebrations!

It was totally slammed on Saturday night when we were there for Ashley's birthday, but the kind folks had set aside tables for the 16 of us. They are always super kind about doing separate checks, and the service is always great. A sweet treat when you're there with a big group! We had great cheese dip, and I had more than one margarita. Which is probably too many for me, but it was fun to be out celebrating with friends!

Kip and I recently ate at Taco Republic (our second visit) and Chuy's on the Plaza, and we easily voted Los Tules our favorite. I want to be sure he tries El Patron soon, but he'll probably be unable to decide between the two. Taco Republic is GOOD - I'm a huge fan of that restaurant family (Gram & Dun, BRGR, etc.) but the reality is that the value, authenticity, and food is a little more predictable at Los Tules. Tacos that are about $3.50 a piece are delicious, but they don't fill up the guy sitting next to me any better than tacos that cost $1.25 each.

We're lucky to live in a city where there are so many different types of Mexican restaurants - one for every budget and every taste preference! I really missed the Mexican food when I lived back east, and I am all about the wonderful options we have here in KC. What else do we need to try? Bring on the cheese dip! I love the hole in the wall BEST of all!


  1. I didn't see Taco Bell anywhere on this list?!

  2. Also -- That place on Johnson Drive with the Velveta. I have a BRGR story for you -- REMIND ME.

    1. excellent points Tara and Kat. Don Chilitos and Taco Bell didn't make the list. And is the BRGR story how Fiona ate two strawberry milkshakes? Because I already heard that story. :-)

    2. I think it's really weird Carlos O'Kelly's was left off the list. And kind of rude.

  3. When did KC get a Chuy's?? We can't go to Texas without fresh tortillas dipped is vats of melty cheese.
    You need to come do a tex-mex food crawl in Wichita. We'd hit Cortez, Rene's and Felipe's (whose real gem is a flaming trough of booze). We'd even stop at Carlos because I need someone brave enough to try their peppermint sopapillas with me.

  4. I would LOVE a tex-mex food crawl in Wichita. I bet Sasha would go with us too!

  5. the best part of chuy's is the free nachos. other than that, eh.....


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