Monday, December 9, 2013


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I took some pictures of toddlers (again) over the weekend with mixed results. There were some cute photos of Rue and Trace.
 photo Blog_0397_zpsf8d65e0f.jpg
And then there were a WHOLE LOT of photos that turned out like this. Remember these angels from last year? They are still super sweet but skipping naps and taking away their new books sure does make them mad.


  1. Oh my word! I need to get on the bow tie train!

  2. I might be reconsidering a newborn session inquiry that just came to my PBJ inbox because it also includes a toddler sibling… They just really don't understand that they should smile and look at the camera instead of screaming with mouths full of goldfish.

    1. And I think it's the formality of the whole thing. I find toddlers to be otherwise a delight. I'm serious.

  3. I love Rue's red cardigan sweater. And the bow tie.

  4. I mean that one of Bubba is KILLER Victoria! And the screaming pic...makes me laugh out loud EVERY TIME! Love.


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