Thursday, December 5, 2013


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So very thankful. For this man and being so very happy.
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So very thankful for brothers (of all ages) who embrace the photo props.
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So very thankful to put my phone in a basket during the meal and have another adult sister as of Sunday - Gabby is 18!
 photo Blog_0390_zps29894c41.jpg
So very thankful for hosts, families blended, cherry pie (though the Nebraska pie is still best!), and my dad's skills with a 22 lb. turkey.
 photo Blog_0389_zpse74b83dd.jpg
So very thankful that Blake loves a whole drumstick (the dark meat never gets enough attention), my grandma Mary and my sister.
 photo Blog_0387_zps6304cfac.jpg
So very thankful Kip nicely cut the dowels to be used with the photo props - and sanded the ends so no one would get a splinter. (Check out the other photo props in this fun etsy shop - she has a set for Christmas too!)
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So very thankful my brothers dressed up as Santa and his helper to deliver the pajamas from Bonnie. Cooper even looks like a happy elf in this photo!
 photo Blog_0384_zps733e7765.jpg
So very thankful I'm not too old to get a pair too. They are Dr. Seuss and darling. What a very happy Thanksgiving with so many loved ones!


  1. This is all so silly. And that first picture of you is so pretty! Love it.

  2. Love the basket for your phones. I think we need to do that for future holidays! Looks like you had fun :)

  3. I am amazed at Spencer's ability to hold THREE props at once. I'm glad you had a wonderful trip to Indiana!

    1. I think the dowel rods TOTALLY made a difference.

  4. But you left out your picture in the pajamas!

    1. True story: It doesn't exist because I gave Lauren my size and then didn't know there were replacement sizes and then I split the pants on mine. Hoping to mend them soon!

  5. Yep, I love that top picture! ;)

    And now I totally want Dr. Seuss pjs..

  6. I love the PJs. I am definitely going to have to buy PJs for our family. I think that is GREAT! Great picture of you and Kip!!

  7. Vic, I LOVE the top photo! Beautiful couple. Miss you!


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