Friday, October 4, 2013

The One Book of September.

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Just one book this month - the book club book!

We heard about it on NPR from Maureen Corrigan, so Seating Arrangements felt like a pretty safe choice. Most of us read it all the way through and found it to be loaded with characters we didn't care for at all. But we had great discussion about class and society on the east coast and in Kansas City. We also tried to dust off our old "identifying metaphor skills" from high school English because there is a whale (literally) in the book that made us think! Tara hosted us for a lovely fall dinner on the patio, and we had a great time.

I also read parts of several other books that probably won't get finished now. Le sigh. Homework and the four books I'm reading for work are making me tired. Better luck in October I guess!


  1. Before I left the country, I kept seeing this book at Barnes & Noble and meaning to check it out -- would you recommend it?!

    1. It was WEIRD like Tara said but also like a fine arts movie. I thought well written! Just not a typical book club pick!


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