Wednesday, October 16, 2013

American Royal BBQ.

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I pretty much think the American Royal is a party any time I go, but it's really a party when the BBQ rolls around.We went on Friday night (before the storm), enjoyed some free food at a reception for American Royal Governors, and took a great sisters pic with the Blair girls. I worked on putting my hand on my hip in a flattering way and having really long hair.
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It's the week of the ball around here. I've got to find my dancing shoes and get some extra sleep before Saturday. It's going to be the perfect finale, I'm sure of it.


  1. I want to punch your long hair I'm so jealous.

    Also, Lauren--I like the irony of the preppy shirt over the shoulders at a rodeo BBQ!

    1. Well that's slightly less ironic. Dontcha think?

    2. I was going to just wear it and be all cowgirl in plaid-like, but then it was TOO hot.

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