Monday, September 16, 2013

K-State Recap: Grown-Ups and the Return of the RV.

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The Willebago returned on Saturday, and we were sure glad. Not only are Karen and Don loyal blog readers, they also put together a good tailgate meal. Don's cheeseburgers were amazing, especially with fresh tomatoes and signature New Mexico green chiles on top. Yes, please and thank you.
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Several of Lauren's friends made the trip up from Lawrence and KC. It was Ashley's first game in Manhattan, and so good to see her law school pals doing something K-State.
 photo Blog_0304_zpsfb8ffaf9.jpg And these guys were there too. They were super thrilled I was taking their photo, can't you tell? I've been talking regularly about this revelation with my KC friends but haven't written about it here. It sort of snuck up on me and caught me off guard. These guys are "grown-ups" now. And I suppose we're all grown-ups now. #thisis30

Somehow growing up with them - I've known Kenneth and Jon for 11 years now - I missed that they grew up. KNort is rocking the full part in his hair again, and Jon's about to become a dad. They work jobs where they have a lot of responsibility. And I suppose I'm a grown-up too. My best friend picked me up in Philadelphia in a minivan with her THIRD kid in the backseat. Book club conversations are about baby milestones and breastfeeding. I have to mow the lawn.

I can't really decide how I feel about being a grown-up, as I'm also perfectly comfortable with my mom driving me to K-State games and buying me dinner. It's just the weirdest thing to look around at the guys who we met on the Slab for homecoming and realize how dramatically life shifts. It makes me nostalgic and excited for what's ahead.


  1. I'm pretty happy being a grown-up. Of course I was an awkward adolescent. Actually, I am an awkward adult, but maybe it is easier to be awkward when you are 30.

  2. I am glad that you are all grown-up, and I still say that the favorite age of my daughters is whatever age they are right now. Great photos of the people in purple! And isn't it 12 years knowing Kenneth, since you were freshmen and Kaussabaum scholars in Fall 2001?

    1. Yeah, Kenneth is a full 12 years. Though we weren't really "friends" till the next year.

  3. My boobs hurt when I read the part about breastfeeding. #thisis30


  4. We were glad to be back. We missed all of you. And imagine, if you are grown-ups, how your mom, Don and I feel watching our 30-year-old children! What a blessing you all are. The world will be all right because people like you and all those cute "kids" in your pictures are taking charge!


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