Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Sister.

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I don't know if there were moments when we were little that my mom prayed we would just stop talking to each other. Or if she told us we had to go to separate rooms because we were being sisters and super annoying to each other. And her. Those moments probably did happen, but instead I remember doing nine million things with my sister. Dress-up, legos, puzzle museums, playing school (I was always the teacher), swimming. Little House on the Prairie, VBS, mission trips and wandering the farm at my grandparents. We had the best childhood.

But now we're grown-ups (see related discussions of that over here), and it's still just totally awesome to be Lauren's sister. She passed the bar last week and is officially an attorney. She has a sweet job at a dream firm that hosts parties during the Art Fair. She has fabulous hair. We're volunteering together, and I'm loving our time working on a huge project this fall. Our mom always says that whatever age we are is her favorite age, and I have to believe that 28 and 30 have to be just near the top of all time. Life is so good right now, and we get to share so many of the best parts together. The Plaza Art Fair, the American Royal, BOTAR, K-State football and Kansas City in the fall.

Happy birthday Lu. We're so lucky to be related.

PS. Yeah, we still occasionally fight like sisters. But hey, nobody's perfect. And sharing the same DNA with someone is like asking for an occasional fight.


  1. So true and well written! Your Husker grandparents came for 1 week after Lauren was born, then you were done with guests, ready to go to Mother's Day Out, and ready to just be a two-year-old who happened to have a baby sister. Life was good.

  2. thanks, sis!

    listen to the clay davis podcast on our favorite manning (by default) Cooper.

  3. Sisters are the best. (And I do, ahem, remember fighting with mine. A lot.)

  4. Sisters do rock- they seem to know you in some ways better than any other, maybe something to do with that DNA thing ;) and you and Lauren do have fab hair.


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