Thursday, September 19, 2013

Crepes at Chez Elle, Again.

 photo Blog_0303_zps1c36ea49.jpg Sunday it finally rained. They say it will rain again today, and I'm thrilled. It's been so dry. We need a break from the dry air and all things that resemble summer. Plus, I love wearing Hunter boots and my raincoats. I'm hopeful that fall is settling in to stay.  I've seen the forecast for the Plaza Art Fair, and we're officially in "Bob's 47" weather. FALL. Please come and stay awhile.  photo Blog_0302_zps324ffc96.jpg
It rained while we were at brunch on Sunday, safely tucked inside with cappuccinos and crepes. They make delicious crepes at Chez Elle, but they are never hot enough for me. I would love them to be so hot that the insides get hot too. But they don't. Is this how all crepes are? Can someone clarify? I had a crepe in Paris, and I think it was hot. Was it because it was folded up?

I've thought a lot about this. But I still have questions.  photo Blog_0301_zps74ed6ce7.jpg
The flavors at Chez Elle are solid. The lemon curd and strawberries were amazing in what I ordered. If only it had a side of bacon to go with it, then it really would have been a meal. Until then, I think pancakes will continue to be my preferential morning food of choice because they're hot and go better with bacon.


  1. Crepes I've had in Europe were always topped while still on the griddle, then folded and served. I have a feeling your place may be making the crepes, setting them to the side and then filling them. Plus, looks like a lot of filling. Sure they are delicious though!

  2. I think you're on to something with the lot of filling. Almost too much! Also, the crepe in Paris was folded in thirds. That might be something too.

  3. I've never had a hot crepe; not that I've had a lot, mind you, but never a hot one.

  4. SERVED HOT IN EUROPE!! Fresh of the griddle. Nonetheless, your KC place is doing a fabulous job with presentation. I sort of want to go have a strawberry crepe right now.

    1. HOT DANG you're right. I remember a great set of crepes in Budapest. With you!


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