Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Berry Sweet Shower for Erica.

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We had a berry sweet strawberry shower last Saturday at my mom's for Erica and her baby girl arriving in October. Very sweet Kami from OrangePeel came and took photos of all the details, so while you can see some of them in the background here, this post is mostly all about the guests. And the babies who occasionally cried when I held them.
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Robert wore a sailor outfit for the occasion. It was very nice of him to put on his nicest onesie for us.
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Erica's sister, one sister-in-law, her mother-in-law and mom all came to the shower. There have been a variety of showers for this lucky baby girl, but we decided ours wouldn't be complete without all these nice family members.
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Mom and Lu were very gracious to share their house with all the guests and my crazy plans. We started setting up for real on Wednesday, but Mom has been talking through the logistical details with me for months!
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We had a delicious feast with the best little sandwiches and spinach salad with strawberries. We were able to seat everyone at two big tables which is my favorite format for hosting parties. I'd rather be in big groups than small intimate tables around the house. Yes, I am an extrovert.
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Members of our book club in attendance. I knew better than to try this crazy lighting for this shot, but eh, it works. So much fun with so many good friends. And as a bonus, Fiona let me hold her for a little while.


  1. Thanks pal!It was a lovely shower. Perfect day!

    P.S. I think Nan and Jesi are still trying to perfect the Colorado pose in the picture above while Tara, Kate, and I are trying not to look awkward squatting in the front row. Ahh... sorority squat!

  2. I was trying not to look awkward, for sure! Also, this post makes me want a berry sweet strawberry cupcake.

  3. You throw the cutest showers and parties!!! I love how everyone has coordinating outfits too :)

    1. True story: I threw a shower for Rachel in 2005 and told everyone to wear pink. Now people just do it pretty naturally.

    2. True story. We've been nuts for years.

  4. It looks GORGEOUS. I wish I could have been there!


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