Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ten Weeks

Ten weeks from today I will be driving Tara to the airport so she can fly back to KC after our road trip to Virginia. Ten weeks from tomorrow I will drive Erica to Annapolis so she can see her aunt and uncle and begin her trip back to KC. Ten weeks from now I will be saying goodbye to some of the most critical parts of my life in KC, as I start shaping my Virginia life (Abbey will still be there, thank goodness, for two more weeks after that.)

I always knew my friendships were vital to my well being. NY Times backs me up today. But even though in KC I have the bestest friends a girl could ever need, God is calling me to Virginia to see what happens when I am on my own relying on Him. My "village" in Kansas has prepared me to find a new place to glorify God while teaching, learning, and living on my own.

Read this devotion today from "The Ransomed Heart," and it says it better than I know how.

Every great story involves a quest. In J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins ran from the door at a quarter till eleven without even so much as a pocket handkerchief and launched on an adventure that would change his life forever. Alice stepped through the looking glass into Wonderland; Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter stumbled through the wardrobe into Narnia. Abraham left his country, his people, and his father’s household to follow the most outlandish sort of promise from a God he’d only just met, and he never came back. Jacob and his sons went to Egypt for some groceries and four hundred years later the Israel nation pulled up stakes and headed for home. Peter, Andrew, James, and John all turned on a dime one day to follow the Master, their fishing nets heaped in wet piles behind them. The Sacred Romance involves for every soul a journey of heroic proportions. And while it may require for some a change of geography, for every soul it means a journey of the heart.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wait for it...

Wait for it…

My favorite part of HIMYM is when Barney adds suspense to situations by adding in “wait for it” to his statements.

“I – wait for it – am – wait for it – in – wait for it – love – wait for it – with – wait for it…”

You get the idea.

I think this is God’s favorite part of HIMYM too. God loves to say “I – wait for it – know – wait for it – the – wait for it – plans…”

Again, you get the idea.

I’m waiting a lot right now, and God provides blessings at intervals that give me hope and help me see the shape of my new life in Virginia. The more I trust He will tie up the loose ends, the more satisfied I am with the results.

My first job interview is on Tuesday with principal at Williamsburg Middle School in the Arlington Public Schools. Arlington is the district where I made the best contacts when I visited in March, interviewing with the director of recruitment and the head of social studies. I was really impressed with the district and their commitment to social studies (something really lacking in my current position). Mom is very much of the mindset that I should take the job if I am offered it. I do have a good feeling about it after looking at the website, so fingers crossed. It would allow me to find a team for grad school and start looking forward to plans for August.

It is looking like I might have almost ALL of August off to play in Virginia! Thankfully God answered a prayer and provided a Mortar Board Fellowship, with the first half coming in the mail in late summer. This blessing will help guarantee I make it from KS paycheck to VA paycheck. (I know God will provide a VA paycheck…just wait for it.)

I think it is good to sit and look at how God says “wait for it.” This whole journey to Virginia has been slow in planning and started with a short conversation with a classmate in a grad school class during summer 2007. Rachel and Sol and baby Fig are all part of the journey to the decision to VA. Every little piece that falls into place just confirms that God has it mapped out ahead of me.

One last wait for it…BABY FIG! I can’t wait for his arrival which could be any second. I’m anxious for his arrival, but God keeps saying "Wait for it..."

Finally, this was posted from Bluestem Bistro (formerly Java) in Manhattan, KS. This is my last trip to Manhattan before I move.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Jason Mraz is a word genius. For example:
And timing's everything, and this time there's plenty I am balancing, Careful and steady, And reveling in energy that everyone's emitting Well, I don't wanna wait no more Oh, I wanna celebrate the whole world I'm gonna make it mine Oh, yes, I'm following your joy

Pat Green knows his stuff too

Baby's just a little bit tired of the city, Billboards and bullshit got her down, Seem like you need a little hill country, A little back roads driving, little bit of the old top down, Yeah, everybody gotta get away sometime, Forget about yourself for awhile, Seems to me that all you need is a ragtop car to ride with me, Ok, alright, just might get a little high tonight, Ok, alright, carry on.

I think I hold my own. We've had some tricky wording to figure out for invitations that I have made for showers this week and they turned out great. (Note: I am still perfecting close-up photos for my blog. Any hints would be appreciated.)

First project: Shower invitations for Kenneth and Melinda's couple shower. They didn't want a traditional shower with gift opening (plus they are moving to California) so we needed to ask for gift cards. Erica helped solve that dilemma.

- If you would like to bring a gift, the couple would greatly appreciate gift cards as they prepare for their big move to California.

Curry and Midnight papers, snaps, envelopes and labels from Paper Source.

Second project: Shower invitations for Kate's sister-in-law. She's coming in from Arizona and was given 75 little onesies! We printed a long detailed instruction on the back so people would know how to help.

- To help the mom-to-be on her return trip to Arizona, please bring suitcase-friendly gifts. And Baby Girl O’Hara is set with a fashionable newborn wardrobe - larger sizes much appreciated! (written with help from Kate)

Strawberry and Leaf papers, snaps, envelopes and labels from Paper Source.

Belle and Bella supervised the assembly. Two really tired dogs and forty invitations later, I think I'm holding my own as a wordsmith. If I could sing on key, I could give Jason Mraz and Pat Green a run for their money.

Also: Idol Update. I think Lil or Scott have to go. Anoop will stay in because his college won the National Championship.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Green green green.

When I was in VA and for most of spring break, I was obsessed with green. I bought green moleskin journals because
  1. I read several blogs featuring moleskin journals
  2. I am trying to improve my cool rating by blogging
  3. I will only become a cool blogger if I have a moleskin journal.
  4. I was really into green during spring break.
I also purchased green Crate & Barrel mixing bowls and green espresso bowls from Anthropologie.

The media loves green. Green is the new black. Recycled bags at every store checkout counter. Went to MB initiation, and EVERYONE had some sort of green hobby. I feel remorse if I throw away any cardboard, even the cardboard from my floss packaging.

But now, I'm singing Kermit's song. It's not easy being green. I hate lots of things about the color right now. It's threatening my love affair from spring break.
  1. I hate spring and the blooming trees. I have spent all of my flex spending for the year on allergy injections, prescription and over-the-counter drugs to make me immune to the trees and their fresh buds. Instead, I'm fussy at my students and walking around pushing on the area between my eyes to make the green pain stop.
  2. The buds on the trees haven't signaled spring. We've had snow twice already in April. This makes it difficult to coach soccer and walk my dog. I would appreciate the arrival of spring to compensate for the throbbing pain of spring allergies.
  3. Michigan State is losing pathetically. I hate when I cheer for a team from the Big 10 and they lose. Lame.
Less than 3 months until VA. 35 more days of 7th grade. I have a roommate. Until then, I'll sing with Kermit.