Thursday, January 12, 2017

The First Week of the New Year

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Rebecca wishes all of you a much belated Happy New Year! She rang in 2017 in style with her normal 6:15 bedtime, and we didn't make it till midnight either. We were up and at church on New Year's Day at 9 am just like any other Sunday. Rebecca wore her new purple and gray dress from aunt Lu and crawled around Kids COR pulling up on everything.
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She might be waving in this photo or reaching for me. Or dancing. It's tough to say with our busy baby. Kip said whenever he has her in his arms and leaving her room, she gestures downstairs with her arm outstretched like she is saying, "Go this way, Daddy!"

I did not want to be the mom who talks about teething all the time. But, you see, that was before I had this precious sweet child. Now I talk about teething all the time. After about three months of only two teeth, she decided to get a whole lot more in rapid succession. You can see the addition of top teeth in these photos, and Rebecca continued to work hard on teeth during the first week of the new year. Thankfully they only seem to bother her at night, but it does mean we've had a lot of really rough nights.
 photo Blog_1565.jpg
One the last day of break, Becca and I bundled up to run a couple of errands and go on a quick walk. It was definitely chilly so she needed her bear suit. It cracked me up how tolerant she was of the whole get-up! She didn't mind so long as she could still get into everything and explore the stuff on top of the coffee table!
 photo Blog_1566.jpg
As for new year's resolutions, we only made a few. And by "we," I mean that I made them for the Lynch family. They were pretty simple resolutions and definitely attainable, including finding primary care doctors and setting a couple of new financial goals.

I also resolved that we should take more pictures. Kip was in shock with this resolution, and as a reader of this blog, you might be too! But most of our photos lately are of Becca by herself. We went through all the holidays without many photos with aunts and uncles and grandparents. Not cool. So my goal for 2017 is to make sure we capture our little bear with more of the people that love her so much, included Kip and myself.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Becca's First Christmas

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To finish out our 2016 memories for the eventual blurb/yearbook, I've got about 100 Christmas photos that mostly capture a baby always on the go and her million Christmas outfits. The photo collage came home from daycare wrapped up for our Christmas present, and it's adorable. She really was our best gift of the year.
 photo Blog_1552.jpg
We have spent our Christmas break with family and at home recovering from some nasty head colds while watching Rebecca take things out of drawers and her toy baskets. This kitchen drawer has served up plenty of fun, a few straws, and great tupperware lids. Also seen in the background, Dad's old dishwasher. As he's the primary operator, it's fair to say Kip is most excited by the new replacement that gets the job done much much much quieter. We had to run the old one at bedtime otherwise we couldn't watch TV. Yeah, it was bad.
 photo Blog_1553.jpg
For a variety of reasons, we decided to go to church on Christmas Eve eve (December 23rd) downtown. This allowed our church to make room for visitors at the three services on Christmas eve, and it worked pretty well with our baby too. She wore her fancy outfit with her cute cardigan, and she played with the Anderson girls upstairs in the nursery while we enjoyed a beautiful candlelight service.
 photo Blog_1554.jpg
On Christmas Eve, we headed to my mom's house in the late afternoon for a family Christmas celebration. Mom prepared a delicious roasted chicken with our favorite traditional cornbread dressing, roasted beets and more. We had pineapple upside down cake and yummy beer before we opened presents.
 photo Blog_1555.jpg
People have been asking how Kip is doing after surgery, and he's doing really great. He reports that he has more range of motion in his knee now, three weeks after surgery, than he did in the week before surgery. However, he can't drive until January 24th, and he finds this more than mildly annoying. His brace locks his knee from going beyond 90 degrees, but he did tell me this morning that he can walk down the stairs again. The eight days on crutches were a little long, but we made it with help from our friends and family. Becca's happy that daddy can carry her around again.
 photo Blog_1556.jpg
She got a few toys and activities for Christmas and some really cute clothes from Aunt Lu, but really Rebecca loved all the bows, papers, ribbons, and boxes. So much fun stuff to pick up off the ground.
 photo Blog_1557.jpg
Rebecca had new Christmas pajamas from Grandma Barbara and Mimi in Indianapolis, and they all fit just in time for the holiday. Becca opened one present on Christmas morning, a very popular snail from Santa. She also woke Mama up like four times overnight, so we're happy, but tired in this one photo from Christmas morning. Becca embraced the song "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth," and these latest four teeth have been a real joy.
 photo Blog_1558.jpg
After Christmas day breakfast with Mom and Aunt Lu (bacon, hash brown casserole, coffee cake, cinnamon rolls and mixed fruit), we packed up the car for Manhattan. There was a new stocking on the mantle this year with the addition of a perfectly pink stocking for Rebecca.
 photo Blog_1559.jpg
When it was time to open presents, Becca wanted to cuddle with Daddy and eat some snacks from her snack trap. It was adorable.
 photo Blog_1560.jpg
She was also really busy watching everyone tear the paper and fascinated with the bows. She received many wonderful books and puzzles and even her first John Deere combine. #kansaskid
 photo Blog_1561.jpg
Rebecca wore Christmas outfits for several days because they were all too sweet and adorable - just like Becca. She won't remember this first Christmas, but we will remember it for more than her sleep striking at Grandma and Grandpa's. She's been cute, cuddly and adorable all of break. I also understand even better why mamas get so sentimental about the Lord Jesus being born a little baby two thousand years ago. Just like Rebecca, the best things come in small packages.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Cafe 19 and Hot Chocolate Bar.

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We tried a "common read" at Rosedale this fall with the book The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo. We ordered several hundred copies of the book and tried to sell them for $2 to students. Sales weren't that great so we ended up giving away a lot of copies later through some raffles. (We didn't really need to sell the books, we just thought that might increase buy-in from students if they purchased their own copy.) Teachers bought the book for their advocacy groups and themselves, so we had many adults around the building reading it as well!

In the end, we had over 115 students sign-up to attend the special event we planned during the school day. The room outside my office was transformed into "Cafe 19," complete with a hot chocolate bar and large muffins from Hy-Vee. Kids came in groups of about 30-40, discussed the book, enjoyed hot chocolate, and competed in a short team competition at the end. I think everyone that came had a lot of fun!

Here are some of the things that went really well and made it so fun:
  • I had so many adults helping! We planned it so teachers could come on their plan, plus I had a few friends from across the district join in. Teachers manned the hot chocolate bar or sat with groups of kids and led discussion. They seemed to do better with adults asking the questions. We'll be practicing book discussion across the building much more next year!
  • The hot chocolate bar was totally made possible by the nice folks at nutritional services. I had definitely stressed about how to make that much hot chocolate. Our cafeteria manager got the water super hot on the stove and filled five gallon containers for me, even loaning me a big whisk for mixing in the hot chocolate. Kids loved whipped cream, marshmallows, sprinkles and little candy canes for topping their hot chocolate. And the jumbo muffins from Hy-Vee were totally perfect, delivered first thing in the morning by their catering department. 
  • The book was the right length. At just about 115 pages, it's pretty accessible for most students and has some themes that are great for discussion.
  • Students totally read the book! For the most part, we think everyone who signed up and attended had totally read the book. It was cool to see about 20% of students participating in this event.
A few notes on what I would do differently:
  • Seventh and eighth graders that are not serious readers or kind of nerdy were not into the book. While it has plenty of grade level appropriate themes, these teens thought the book was a bit babyish because some of them read it in elementary school or read other Kate DiCamillo books when they were younger. I might do a different book for 7th/8th graders next year.
  • I will not offer the movie option next year! Kids who attended Cafe 19 could sign up to stay after school and watch a movie on Thursday. Only about 30 ended up staying, and we had a few behavior problems and just general after-school silliness. 

Rebecca Claire || Ten Months

 photo Blog_1549.jpg
Rebecca has been changing rapidly week after week, and yet in the ten days since I took these photos, it feels like there have been even more changes. She's truly found her voice with lots of things to say all day every day!

At ten months old, Rebecca was diagnosed with her first double ear infection. I took her in because she had a pretty uncomfortable cough and the doctor said, oh the cough is fine but she's got a double ear infection. She didn't have the tell-tale symptoms, but after ten days of amoxicilin she seems much more herself. Basically, her appetite is back.

Becca weighed about 21 lbs. 11 oz. at ten months and wears pretty much all 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers. Her sleep is pretty much the same, though she takes delightful naps for Mom and Dad on the weekend. Daycare naps are hard. Regardless of the quality/quantity of her naps, she still likes to get up twice a night. A good night is once and a terrible night is three times. It's hard for Mama to get enough sleep even going to bed really early if Becca gets up three times, but one of these days, she'll figure it out.
 photo Blog_1550.jpg
As evidenced by these photos, Rebecca is on the go. She does not want to sit in her chair for photos, quickly arching her back to begin her escape out of the chair. Becca's favorite toys include the cups that she's holding above, her stacking rings, lids from around the house, and lately, things she can push a little bit. Becca still does pretty well with books, and she likes ones with flaps which means we've read the Halloween book from my cousin Sasha straight through all the other holidays.

She also LOVES anything that's on the coffee table, and she is learning what the word "no" means. We've been doing some baby proofing during break so we don't have to say no quite as much!
 photo Blog_1551.jpg
Becca's got lots to say, and sometimes we think the da and ma signs correspond with Daddy and Mama. She loves to stand up and shriek with excitement - she thinks she is pretty big stuff with her new views around the house. We've seen a few claps and a little waving and can't wait to see what she's up to next!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Getting in the Holiday Spirit.

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Rebecca's first Christmas is in just a week, and we've been enjoying having an extra reason to feel the love around the house. She has not found the Christmas trees yet nor noticed the presents on the fireplace while she is crawling around, thank goodness! Kip's surgery last Monday was successful, but it has pretty much left him permanently on the couch. The angle of his brace locks his leg in extension, and it's not comfortable anywhere but on the couch. Becca's ignored the Christmas decorations but has been interested in Kip's crutches and stuff on the coffee table!
 photo Blog_1543.jpg
While we knew Kip would need a new ACL, we didn't know when until a couple of days before the surgery. Luckily we had most of the Christmas decorations put up in the week following Thanksgiving. Rebecca "helped" a little and even climbed up on the green boxes once! We opted to pull out the fake trees from the basement this year to save a few pennies and make life a little easier. I miss the smell of the real tree from last year, but I've been extra busy post surgery, and I'm glad watering the tree isn't on my to-do list every day.
 photo Blog_1546.jpg
A question that is often asked on Instagram is "Does Becca ever not smile?" Yes, yes indeed. Sometimes she does NOT want her photo taken in a cute Christmas shirt after church even though her daddy was wearing his festive shirt too. This is actually her real cry - the fake one has been getting some practice lately too. We're on to you, Rebecca Claire, and we're not going to fall for your tricks!
 photo Blog_1548.jpg
The next week after church she was totally ready to ham it up for the camera. Love this shot, even with the laundry basket and ladder in the background. Post the ordinary, I say.
 photo Blog_1545.jpg
She's got quite the holiday wardrobe and has been wearing it to church and school all month long. We're going to continue pretending that this dress is red and black and not navy because that's easier to match for a baby's wardrobe.
 photo Blog_1547.jpg
Rebecca can cruise along the sides of the coffee table but not around the corners yet. She has figured out how to stand up and sit down again without falling down, and she's pretty entertained taking her toys from the ground to the top of the coffee table and back to the ground again. She hasn't tried to crawl through the coffee table yet, but I'm sure that will occur to her one of these days.
 photo Blog_1544.jpg
We finally have two little Christmas books that are the right length for a ten-month-old. We've been reading them on repeat because they are short and sweet - Hello, Christmas and The Santa Shimmy. Kip said she even started to shake like instructed on one page in the shimmy book. She cracks us up!

Rebecca is too little for a lot of the other KC Christmas experiences, so we'll wait a year for the Christmas train at Crown Center, Santa, the lights at Deanna Rose, etc. This year we're enjoying bunkering down at home while she explores everything. I'm pretty sure she is on Santa's "nice list" and will have some new toys for playing at home soon too!