Friday, October 2, 2015

Baby Lynch is a GIRL.

We found out yesterday afternoon that baby Lynch is a girl! Everything looked great during the ultrasound, and it was pretty neat to see all her little features. Thankfully the ultrasound technician Paulette is so well trained because we weren't too sure what we were looking at, but Paulette explained everything to us for almost a half hour! I was glad Kip could see the visual proof that she's kicking me all the time.

Everyone asks about Kip's reaction, and truthfully, truly, he's thrilled. He did want to stop at Home Depot on the way home to buy locks so she can never leave the house and is pretty sure she's going to make us broke, but he's SO excited. We have a friend who is the father of two little boys who told us on the pub crawl that God only gives girls to men who can handle them. And then laughed at himself. It felt a bit prophetic.

It's also not lost on me that this special little girl will start kindergarten the same year as so many other dear little girls belonging to my favorite people. It's fun to share with my best friends, and our little Lynch will probably be the tallest in this group even though she is the youngest.

As for the donuts, on Wednesday morning I stopped at LaMar's and ordered five dozen donuts. I dropped off a one pound bag of pink sprinkles and one pound bag of blue sprinkles. Last night after the ultrasound, I called and left a message with the order. This morning, just after six o'clock, Kip and I went to grab five dozen of these pink beauties to share with our co-workers. We celebrated with LaMar's at our wedding, so why not for a baby as well? Bring on the pink! But also probably lots of lavender too. Who are we kidding? We love to wear purple around these parts.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Book Club Bumps and Babies.

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Probably one of the most fun parts of being pregnant is that four of the nine members of my book club are pregnant at the same time. Technically there is someone due each of the next few months - Amy (November), Erica (December), Leah (January) and me in February. But we all know that babies show up when they want to show up!

We find out today if baby Lynch is a boy or a girl, and yes, we're so excited. Neither of us have a feeling one way or another. But when people ask I normally tell them that Kip was raised with only brothers, and I just had one sister growing up, so someone is going to have to adjust!

The mamas above are expecting two girls and one boy, but the total in our book club leans towards boys. Before we find out, the total is seven boys and six girls. So we'll either bring it to an overall tie or keep the next generation of readers boy heavy. Numbers aside, it is so fun to have a bunch of mamas to ask a million questions about pregnancy, and soon enough, babies!

Instagram is probably the first place to check for an announcement about baby Lynch, and probably tomorrow, but we'll get something posted here sometime soon too!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Two K-State Games.

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We've been to two K-State games already this year, and I'm really hoping the third one on October 10th isn't as hot as the first two! The first one on September 5th was really hot with temperatures in the 90s. The second game on September 19th was way cooler, but we all dressed for the low 70s and our jeans were hot in the sun during an afternoon game (with three overtimes!).

The tailgate gang is back together, and we're back to filling our plates too full with all the good options each week. At the first game, Kip and I shared our big news with everyone! They were so excited, which was no surprise considering how generous they were last year at our Oktoberfest shower.

While we were driving up to the game, a buddy of Kip's text him that he had one extra pass for a special tailgate before the game and to go on the field for the pregame warm-up. Kip wasn't going to say yes because there was only one, but he was driving so I said yes for him! It was his first time on the field, and I went once during college. Kip tucked the baby's first onesie in his back pocket (it looked like a bandanna) and headed off to check it all out. He even had his buddy take a photo of him holding the onesie down on the field. I love it.
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Our little buddies Collin and Maddie were back for the second game with their parents, but I didn't do the best job pulling out the camera. We tailgated, drank large McAllister's iced teas in the stadium, and watched a good portion of the game. Kip was staying to hang up deer stands, so I rode home with Erica, Jon and Maddie. We left when we thought the game was under control in the fourth quarter, but the Cats needed three overtimes to actually win it. While the Wildcats started the season 3-0, we're down a couple quarterbacks and getting a little bit nervous about the start of Big 12 play this weekend!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Last Weekend in August.

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Over the last several months, I have tried to do a very quiet rebalancing of life at the Lynch house. Part of it was out of necessity as the first trimester made me tired and adverse to any invitations for backyard barbeques. But it also felt like the time to readjust how we spent our time and what was on our plate before the arrival of a baby. The littlest Lynch will probably shake things up, or so everyone loves to tell me over and over again. So I sort of silently resolved to stop booking things for every day of the weekend. If at all possible, one of those evenings needed to be marked off for dinner at home with take-out and the Royals, or tasty leftovers, or a quick bite to eat somewhere just the two of us.

I went back to work July 20th, and the transition at work was (and still is) extremely challenging. I don't think I would do the job if it didn't make me think in new ways all the time, but it can be pretty draining over the week. Kip's job has it's own challenges - between problem solving, training new guys and working in the heat, he's often totally exhausted by the end of the week. And he works a Saturday once a month too. Readjusting for more spaces of quiet felt really important, and Kip was on board too. He's not the one who overbooks us anyways.

So far it's been working pretty well, and it helps compensate for the weeks with too many weeknight appointments and meetings. It does mean that with football season and hunting, it is a long time before we are both available to make weekend plans on a Friday or Saturday night. This is obviously a struggle for me as I value my friends, LOVE to make big exciting plans, and there are so many fun things to do in Kansas City all the time during the fall. But slowly I think it also makes me more grateful for the times that are already on the calendar. Regularly scheduled book club, football car rides and tailgates, fun out-of-town guests, and a couple little weekend trips are also highlights this year, and I love all those things too.

On the last weekend in August, we worked on that new normal balance with a slow meal at the bar inside Hereford House. For our wedding, we received two gift cards and savored each one with their fantastic happy hour deals while watching the Royals. Saturday night we drove out to the Leavenworth area for a wedding at Lamborn Farm. Kip works with the groom, and we didn't end up knowing very many of the guests. But we like to hang out with each other, ask questions about farms and old barns, and chat about the Royals with people we don't know, so we definitely enjoyed ourselves. The bride & groom really lucked out, and it was a gorgeous evening for a wedding in late August.

If there's something else I need to readjust, it is in the measurement of these weekends and what's "accomplished." Quieter schedules do not need to translate into longer weekend to-do lists. Rachel told me recently that she saw someone with an "I DID IT!" list instead of a to-do list. Probably a more appropriate way to look at time off after really long weeks. This is still an area of growth for me, but I'm working on it. I don't really mind being a work in progress.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Celebrating Keith and Karen's 50th Anniversary.

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My in-laws celebrated fifty years of marriage on August 27th. I spent months trying to think of something special to get them for their anniversary but the best thing I could come up with was a grand baby. (You better believe they are pretty excited!) We also planned a special evening with the three sons and family in August.
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We took Karen and Keith to Harry's in Manhattan with the help of Keith's sister LaVonne and her husband Jim who traveled up from Oklahoma to join in the celebration. It was Karen's first trip to Harry's, and they do a lovely job at the restaurant making a big deal out of special occasions. Harry's has been open twenty-five years, and Kip and his brother Kevin both think the last time they were there was for prom or homecoming! I've always loved the place and am hoping we can eat next door at the casual lunch restaurant again on a future trip.
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Our reservation was for 6:30, but we gathered early for a few photos. Kip and I brought flowers with us from Kansas City and left them at the restaurant for a surprise on our table. Sunflowers and orange are two of his mom's favorites.
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Dinner was delicious and oh so fancy. And we ordered a cake as our final surprise! It was so fun having it come out and be presented. We stayed overnight and went to church in the morning, and I think it was a good low-key celebration but well deserved. Cheers to Karen and Keith!